Scenario: Dinoegg Heist

I’m hoping to use this scenario in a game soon, instead of the usual stand up fight. I’m thinking of re-using the posses from my Keyes, Oklahoma Street Fight since they seemed well matched.

But yeah the basic idea is to have a fight over dinosaur eggs (dinoeggs), with the random element of a few wandering dinosaurs thrown in. Stealing a dinoegg awards more than the standard for killing an enemy, so that should motivate players to focus on the eggs. This is the first scenario I’ve tried to formally write up, so bear with me in terms of layout and balance.

Anyways here are the details of the scenario:

Scenario: Dinoegg Heist
Dinosaur eggs are prized possessions in the new wild west. Unhatched young of certain rare breeds can fetch hundreds of Neodollars, whereas common eggs are full of enough nutrients to feed a family for a week. This scenario represents two wandering posses stumbling across the same clutch of dinosaur eggs, and then trying to steal as many as they can.

Posse Restrictions: No Dinosaurs allowed.
Dinoegg stealing is a delicate matter and having a friendly dinosaur present can disrupt the process. The scent of another dinosaur can enrage the dinoegg parents or a stampeding beast can trample the precious dinoeggs.

Table Size: 48″ long by 36″ wide
In other words “My Kitchen Table”.

Table Setup: Setup the terrain as normal. No buildings should be used (as dinosaurs tend to avoid nesting near structures).

Posse Setup: Roll to randomize which Posse deploys at which long table edge. Roll again to see who deploys first.

Deployment: 2 members of the Posse must be placed within 4″ of the center of the table. The remaining 1-3 members are deployed within 6″ of their table edge.

Deploying Dinoeggs: D6 dinoeggs will be placed. Mark the center of the table, and place each dinoegg 2D12″ in a random direction (roll a directional dice or a D12 to represent the clockfaces to choose direction).
The 4 Posse members that deployed near the center of the table start with 1 Dinoegg each.
I recommend using Mini Eggs to represent dinoeggs – plus the players can literally eat their spoils after!

Using Dinoeggs: A Dinoegg has AR 4 and HP 4.
A single dinoegg can be carried by a character at no penalty.
Picking up, dropping, or transferring (to an adjacent ally) a dinoegg can be done for 1 Action Phase.
If an entity carrying a dinoegg is taken out of action, the dinoegg is dropped where they fell.
If an entity carrying a dinoegg voluntarily moves off a table edge they have escaped with the dinoegg.

Deploying Oviraptors: At the start of each new Turn after the first roll a D12. On a roll of 8+ an Oviraptor appears to steal dinoeggs! The Oviraptor is deployed 6″ in from a random table edge.
A maximum of 3 Oviraptors can be in play at once.
The Oviraptor has the following modified “Ripper” statistics:

Size S, MV 6, AR 1, MMC 7, BRV 6, HP 8, 2-2 A-D
Note: Can carry 2 Dinoeggs at once

Using Oviraptors: The Oviraptor is not controlled by either Posse, and is a mainly after dinoeggs. All Oviraptors act at once, and do so after all other Posse members have finished. The Oviraptor will move towards the nearest dinoeggs or nearest entity who is holding a dinoegg and try to pick up the dinoegg. Once the Oviraptor has 2 dinoegg it will move in a direct line towards the nearest table edge. If it reaches the table edge it has escape into the jungle with the dinoegg!

Victory Conditions: The game ends when either Posse is entirely taken out of action or off the table, or all the dinoegg are destroyed or off the table.
Aside from the usual Improvement Point benefits from a battle award the following:

6 IP and $30 = Dinoegg taken off the board or in possession.
-6 IP = Dinoegg destroyed.
1 IP (in addition to standard +3) = Killing an Oviraptor carrying 1 or more Dinoeggs.

Another humor break

Some funny looking pictures of superheroes as dinosaurs from TIFR. For example, “Wolveraptor”:

Anyways I’m hoping to get another game in tomorrow sometime, perhaps with a scenario this time. Hopefully a battle report will be coming soon after!

Little quieter

The end of June and start of July have been a bit quieter for this blog, at least compared to the flurry of activity around v0.7 and v0.8, with all the playtesting and battle reports and so on.

But until the end of summer you can expect less volume of posts. Two factors to this, one is I’m getting married in August so that’s priority #1, and the second is the rules are reaching a point where they don’t need vast, sweeping changes. There aren’t even any big sections left to fill out or rewrite or anything. What I’m saying is one day (probably soonish) Dinosaur Cowboys will be completed, and then I really won’t have much too brainstorm or post excerpts about. This happened with my Brains zombie game as well, since eventually you just reach a point where the rules work great, and any further additions would just be added complexity. I did get some nice feedback from the forums though, so that’s always inspirational.

So anyways, my TODO list right now is basically “Add images to the rulebook”. I have the images picked out, I’m just trying to find a good way to size/scale them so the document doesn’t bloat to 8mb but still looks sharp when printing. I do want to finish some kind of fillable Posse Roster and corresponding design program, but that’s unrelated from the core rules.

Of course I’d like to get some games in and post more battle reports (and that’s probably what the majority of posts in the far future will be), but again my schedule is focused elsewhere.
Also who knows, maybe my Nanowrimo in November this year will be Dinosaur Cowboys related, to really flesh out the universe.

Official Variant Rules

I had previously posted some ideas on optional variant rules for Dinosaur Cowboys. Basically it was a list of neat ideas that just barely didn’t make it into the core rules for a variety of reasons. In most cases it was because they would overly complicate the core rules, or slow down the game, or overwhelm the players with options. But all the ideas are still very valid and interesting.
So I cleaned those up and formatted them and put them in the v0.9 rules as a new “Variant Rules” section. I’ve also pasted that section below so you can see:

Variant Rules

These optional rules can be used by players to give a different feel to certain situations in the game. Both players have to agree ahead of time on which rules (if any) to use. Most of these variants were created where they may have added too much complexity to the game or changed the overall flavor.

Fumbles: Any unmodified rolls of 1 count as -1 Hit, to a minimum of 0 hits.

Armor Damage Reduction: Instead of modifying Miss Chance, Armor directly reduces damage equal to the Armor Rating.
For example being hit for 5 damage with Flak Armor (AR 3) would mean only 2 damage is done.

Miss Chance in Melee: Instead of using RMC for ranged weapons in melee, use MMC instead. Still apply the “In Melee” penalty.

Running Target: +1 Miss Chance against targets that Ran.

Variable Run: Instead of Run providing an additional 1/2 Movement statistic, roll a D6 as inches instead.

Purchasing IP: 1 IP can be bought for $10.

Mount Protection: Any riders add the Dinosaurs AR to their own when attacked while Mounted.

Downed at 0 HP: Instead of removing an entity when they reach 0 HP or less, place them face down instead. They can take no actions and cannot be attacked, but an ally can heal Hitpoints (using a Medpack, Whiskey Drop, etc.) to restore the Downed entity.

Yeehaw Action: Instead of allowing 1 re-roll in 12″, this ability can provide one free Action Phase to any entity (even one who was already Activated) in 12″.

Additional Ideas
Here are some other possible variants and improvements the players could extend and elaborate.

  • Can buy and set Traps like spiked pits, tripwires, etc. Deployed before battle and the X-Y coordinates (in inches) are marked down to keep them hidden from opponents.
  • Some kind of “quick draw” with Six-Shooters that lets you roll off / duel an opponent within short range.
  • Gatling Gun (or similar) that has variable D6 or D12 Attacks instead of a set number.
  • Fire rules for Molotov cocktails (maybe a X” wide patch that lasts until the end of the turn?), get same attack if target enters or is pushed into it
  • Weather effects (sandstorm, acid rain, etc.) and hazardous terrain (lava, quicksand, etc.).
  • Dinosaur equipment upgrades (armor plates, extra saddle, etc.).
  • Weapon upgrades (laser sight, etc.) that grant additional benefits to the gun, such as +1A or +1D.
  • Non-Dinosaur beasts (Sabertooth cats, Woolly Mammoths, etc.).