Allegiance idea: Canadian Mounties

So I was thinking of some fun variant ideas, and one I came up with is Canadian Mounties. You know, the RCMP up here in the frozen north. In the background story I have Canada covered in ash and turned into a wasteland, more or less, so a small elite group of mounted police sounds perfect for this area. Plus the poster to the left was pretty inspirational haha.

I was thinking their main feature would be the ability to ride Flappers (Pterodactyls). Again in the background I’ve specified that Flappers are too skittish for combat, but maybe the Canadians have a secret training regime figured out to tame the beasts. I thought of this because if the ground was frozen and had three feet of ash covering most places I’d probably want to fly too.
Their weakness would be no wearing Armor since that would crumple their nice red uniforms. Maybe some mods to Bravery as well. It’s always tough to balance against the existing set of Allegiances.
I generally envision a Mountie as a light scout unit. Fast to move around on their Flappers, but without much punch.

I might expand all of this into an “expansion” to the core rules that deals with Canada. Extra rules for ash clouds and ash terrain, new weapons and equipment (pretty much mandatory in an expansion), some new dinosaurs, fleshed out Flappers (with variants), more Traits, etc. We’ll see how it all goes though when I’m back playing games and working on rules in October.

Reaper Mini’s new Cowboys & Gunslingers

An interesting new initiative by Reaper Miniatures, a favorite company of mine due to their great and varied Chronoscope line of figures. This initiative is to graft their RAGE rules system (used in Warlord) onto a Wild West scenario, offer those rules for free, and then sell a bundle of their best cowboy models. Basically 10 models for $39.99 (at least where I am). They have this package listed as a new game, so I wonder if they’ll expand the rules in the future.
Regardless this is a good collection with lots of variety. There are a couple of torn-from-the-movies figures (like The Man With No Name, one I already own in fact), some generic cowboys, a classier lady, lawmen, bandits, etc. I’m thinking this is just a short term project to generate some easy money, but you never know, it could be the start of another well supported western game.

Speaking of western games it looks like Blackwater Gulch is still chugging along (I had mentioned them before). They are planning to do another Kickstarter soon, which happens to have a really cool reach reward of a D6 with dual pistols on it. Pretty cool! I’m happy to see them doing well since the author is a similar indie designer. Projects like that make me wonder if I should be taking Dinosaur Cowboys more seriously and less as a hobby, but that’s for another day…

Stylish dinosaur list with silhouettes

For those who like to visualize their dinosaurs, I finally found a good coherent set of dinosaur silhouettes. A fellow named Daniel Zadorozny made a wingding set of dinosaur images, and these were also turned into plain images on some sites. The set was missing the Fin (Dimetrodon) and Thickskull (Pachycephalosaurus) dinosaurs so I had to whip up my own silhouettes from those. The Thickskull is actually based on the stock image of the Papo toy.
So yeah I could revise the dinosaur list to include these images and I think it looks really cool. This new list will be in the v1.4 rules (…whenever those are released) so you have that to look forward to!

The font I used is (punnily enough) called Ding-o-saurs. You can download it from or I made a Mediafire mirror. WordPress doesn’t allow uploading of TTF or ZIP files so I couldn’t just link from here. Anyway it’s a cool set, totally impractical yet totally neato.
I also got the Pony Express image added to the rulebook. The style doesn’t quite match the “old real world photo” look I had gone for before, but heck, it’s just too cool to leave out! Plus it ends up fitting pretty well into the “A Movement is Born” section talking about Dusters in the beginning history text.

Some Freebooter Miniatures

Steampunk-ish Miniatures
I found two really cool Steampunk style figures from a German company called Freebooter Miniatures. There is Doc Taranto who I think is great as a kind of mad scientist Neotechnoist. And then Dixie Dynamite who is a bit unrealistic but still makes a fun swashbuckler style cowboy. Definitely not the usual fair, and a bit more stylized in general, but still pretty cool! Click for the full size.

What I Have Been Up To
Anyway the blog has been silent for the past few weeks, and will continue to be that way until October. I’m busy travelling at the moment so I haven’t been back to the kitchen table for some wargaming or painting. Which is too bad since I wouldn’t mind trying out my new cowboy figures and getting back to rolling some dice.
Otherwise I did a minor fix to The Saloon around remotely loading invalid posses. Previously if you tried to load a posse that came up invalid (such as having less than 0 Improvement Points remaining) the app would just error out and not load the posse. However this became a problem when trying to load some posses created with older versions of the Dinosaur Cowboys rules. For example The Herd Mothers, a neat posse idea, but they have -6 IP under the v1.3 rules.
So the fix is to instead display a popup (should be cross browser compatible, but maybe not) which warns the user that the posse they tried to load is invalid. But then it still loads it. This is great for at least seeing the posse, or maybe trying to change it to be valid against the latest rules.