Deployments, Objectives, Features, Showdowns

As part of the extended campaign rules I also want to codify a bunch of different setups for each game. These would also apply for standalone games. The idea is to extend the options players have beyond the standard “line up and kill each other”. To this end I’m working on a new set of rules for Deployments, Objectives, Features, and Scenarios. I would love more wild west sounded names for these (as well as some of the individual points), but no luck thinking of any so far.
My friend Nathan from the game last Thursday was interested in helping me, so he’s been brainstorming these new rules. He’s played a bunch of tabletop games and I figured it’s hard for just one person to think up enough varied deployments and scenarios.

Deployments: These pertain specifically to HOW the posses are deployed. For example the current deployment is “choose a table edge, deploy 8 inches in, and fight”.
Objectives: These would be WHAT the posses are fighting for. There are two types of Objectives: Public and Private. A Public objective is known and shared by all players, such as “Kill Everything”. A Private Objective would be on a per posse basis and would differ, so that one posse might have “Kill the Enemy Leader” and the other might have “Capture a Cabin”. The players could either choose these objectives or roll for them.
Features: This is HOW the posse is fighting, in the sense that Features would be special rules or terrain that affect the battle. Maybe a saloon in the middle, maybe an underground tunnel, etc.
Showdowns: These are prepackaged scenarios with preset deployments, objectives, and features. Normally there is more of a story or background behind it, and these would be used for a Standalone game. There might be IP/ND restrictions, posse build restrictions (ie: must take a dinosaur), or even prebuilt posses to fight against each other.

I’ll be editing this post throughout the coming week as we brainstorm up ideas for these four categories. Then I’ll format the ideas and put them into the rulebook (although Showdowns may end up as a supplement instead of core).

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Three dinosaur video game mods

I was randomly looking around the internet a while back and decided to see if there were dinosaur related mods for various video games. I didn’t find as many as I would have liked, for example I was hoping to find a Left 4 Dead 2 mod that replaces the zombies with dinosaurs, but regardless here are the results:

Left 4 Dead 2 – Velociraptor Survivors
L4D2_VelociraptorsBasically replaces the standard survivor models with Velociraptors. Even has the hands modeled when you’re in first person view, which is a nice touch.
Get the mod

Skyrim – Dinosaurus Era
Skyrim_Dinosaurus-EraGreat looking mod that adds dinosaurs as enemies. So far they have a couple of the standard creatures done. Really nice animations.
Get the mod
See the video
Also I’d love to find out what this cool looking T-Rex is from, also for Skyrim:

Half Life 2 – Jurassic Life
HL2_Jurassic-ParkBuilt on one of the best engines ever (Source Engine) this map for Half Life 2 looks really immersive and interesting. Plus the project seems relatively alive, which is rare these days for a mod.
Get the mod
See the video