New Papo 2013 Dinosaurs!

Well no one ever accused me of being in the loop, but luckily I was randomly doing a search for Papo today and found some absolutely awesome 2013 releases. I’ll cut right to the chase: Dimetrodon (Fin), Carnotaurus (Terror), Pteranodon (Flapper), and a Woolly Rhino.
Remember how I added the Fin dinosaur type a while back? Well it was actually March 2012 as a herbivore match for the Raptor. Since then I don’t know if the beast has ever seen the table. The main reason for that was no easy Papo purchase to match everything else! Well, that’s been remedied now and I’ll soon be buying the newly released Dimetrodon. The craziest part is Dimetrodon is not technically a dinosaur (which is why I put a disclaimer in the rulebook for people who thought the combination of dinosaurs available lived at nearly the same time).
The Carnotaurus also looks cool and would be a nice match to the Allosaurus, and to have a change of pace for the Terror type.
Even though Flappers aren’t used in combat having the dino could make for a nice objective or goal on a map.
The Woolly Rhino looks like a lower quality sculpt from their non-dinosaur line so I’ll probably pass on that.

Anyway the important part! Piiiiiiictures! I didn’t have much luck finding a really high resolution version, so I ended up cutting these out from their electronic catalog.

Update Sept 20th: So I ended up ordering all three of these dinosaurs from Everything Dinosaur, since I didn’t have any luck buying them locally in stores. Now to just anxiously wait for the package to be shipped and delivered. I’ll get some better pictures and use them in a game as soon as they arrive!

Update Oct 1st: Dinosaurs arrived by Air Mail yesterday! Got them unpacked and they look great, especially the Dimetrodon. I’ll get some pictures this weekend, and I think I’ll also redo my out of date Papo Dinosaur Gallery post.

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New Papo 2012 Dinosaurs!

I take a month off and look what happens, Papo announces 6 new dinosaurs! I couldn’t find any high res photos online so I pulled some from the announcement PDF (it’s in Russian).

Here’s the goods! They repainted the current t-rex from green to brown. I think Jurassic Park has forever made me consider t-rexes as green, so I’m happier having that color over this new brown one, but hey, variety is cool:

And then a REALLY cool new green t-rex that is running. Definitely going to be a hot item. This is one of the few Papo toys that instantly screams “conversion” as I could easily see molding a saddle and reins onto it.

And the mighty Brachiosaurus, standing 31.5cm high and 40cm long (1:55 scale or so). Definitely going to dominate the board, but boy does it ever look cool! Priced at around $45, but that’s pretty comparable based on the size.

I guess I’ll wrap up with the boring ones. There is a baby brown and green Tyrannosaurus, and the underwater Tylosaurus. Okay, “boring” might be too harsh of a term, I think they just don’t pop since the pictures aren’t that great. I do think the baby t-rex toys would make terrific capture-the-flag objectives.

Of course these are announced just as I get my Ankylosaurus and completed the old line. Can’t complain with such high quality toys coming from Papo (although one of these days I’ll check out other companies and production lines…).

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Papo Dinosaur Gallery

I thought I’d post an updated picture of my collection of Papo toys. These are super detailed and durable toys that really it well with Dinosaur Cowboys. I’ve been hoping to find some inexpensive bulk collection for herd animals and the like, but I’m never happy with the quality of others. What I think would be fun would be modeling a saddle and other features onto a few of these, at the cost of durability since then I’d have to baby them just as much as miniatures.

Full collection as of September 2011:

Detail shots:

Say cheese!

UPDATE 2014: New collection picture viewable here.

Posse: The Utah Water Rustlers

Today is a really special treat, as a forum poster has completed his own Posse using the v0.9 rules. But he went above and beyond doing just that, and actually ordered and painted up a slew of cowboy figures to go with his Ankylosaurus figure. The creator is cody20 from the DakkaDakka forums, and I really have to thank him for his interest in the game and dedication to assembling a terrific looking Posse!

Without further ado (since most of you recent readers are probably coming from the DakkaDakka thread in the first place :)) I give you the Utah Water Rustlers:

I guess this means I really need to get on having a similarly dashing looking force available for my battle reports, instead of the hodge podge of figures I’ve used in the past. Anyways with luck this won’t be the last we hear of from cody20, so hopefully I can post some bonus battle reports from him in the future!