Thoughts during Nanowrimo

This year I’m taking part in Nanowrimo during the month of November. My novel is basically a mix of The Mummy, Vanishing Point, Red Dawn and The Machinist. Set in a small town in Nevada, the main character wages a private war against a cult of vicious followers of Anubis.

END OF MONTH UPDATE: If the brief summary above sounded interesting, feel free to download and read the whole book.

Which seemed like a great idea, until I thought of cowboys riding freaking DINOSAURS! Now I’m mildly distracted by that idea. And by mildly I mean I am seconds away from wiping out 22,000 words to start over with “Dinosaur Cowboys”.

I’m so jazzed about the idea that I created this blog in preparation for the end of November. I imagine I’ll be out of steam for writing by then, which means I’ll have to realize the idea of Dinosaur Cowboys via another channel and form of media. And that, my friends, is tabletop roleplaying skirmish games.

So yeah, check back as I start to brainstorm and develop the history, maps, enemies & friends, weapons, and rules for battling across a futuristic (I think) wild west frontier atop hungry dinosaurs.

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