[RPG] Example skills from early brainstorming

ndynamiteLike I mentioned in the announcement yesterday, I really like to get an early playable prototype for all my games. I think it contributed a lot to the success of Dinosaur Cowboys skirmish, in that I could sit down and roll some dice within weeks of the idea being born.
So with my RPG I want to do the same. Which means besides filling out a skeleton of a rulebook so far, I’ve also been working on the general list of Skills. I narrowed down the Jobs a bit to have actual names, cut a few, etc. I’ll be doing some re-theming to make some more suitable for the universe/history/theme. Obviously the document will get hugely formatted and touched up too.
At this point I’m going to try to sit down with some of my D&D maps that I drew before, grab some DC figures, write some stats on a page, and try playing the game. So exciting!

Anyway here is the PDF document with a big mishmash of skills. Should give you an idea of what I’m going for: Brainstorm of RPG skills (PDF)

One big TODO, and often the deciding factor to players who are glancing at each RPG system, is the character sheet. A beautiful, functional, well thought out sheet can make or break a game. I remember my first RPG (called Horizon) and how the sheets developed and improved over time as we codified common shorthand and notes.

And of course pictures from the PDF, because some people don’t have those 15 seconds to download a file and read it. Plus the easier it is to get you excited about this RPG the better.

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