Character sheet example

I figured I should post the character sheets I used yesterday, in case you’re SO excited to try the rules that you want to do an early playtest too (send me feedback if you do!).

But yeah, I’ve created it as a fancy pants Open Office (.odt format) spreadsheet. Making character sheets has always been great fun since you can see them evolve as the game grows and you play it more. I find I add more whitespace and bigger rows to make it easier for people to write, and a bunch of temporary fields for values my friends normally track anyways on the bottom or back of the sheet.

I imagine this will change in the future, even if just slightly, but for now it gives you a good idea of how the main character will look on paper.

So, grab the sheet as:

And if you want to just get a glimpse of how it looks, here’s a screenshot of the PDF:

Character Sheet v0.1

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