My TODO List

Around this point in development (ie: half done the main Rules doc) I tend to prefer to get a big, long TODO list going. It’s motivating to mark stuff off it, and it helps to stop me from forgetting key stuff (like, um, “design some enemies!”). And although the following list might look (relatively) small, some of those points are megaaaaaawork:

- Edit History
- Finish Game Overview
- Run through Character Creation with a few varieties
- Test max Level character
- Update Step 7 (Dinomount) in Character Creation
- Finish Example Completed (Character) Sheet
- Finish Traits
- Finish Weapons and Equipment section
- Finish Dinomount section
- Redo and clean up Overland Map, make it full page (landscape)
- Finish Towns and Cities subsection
- Finish (or remove) Miscellaneous section

- Make Enemy cards
- Make Dinocards
- Make follower rules / sheet
- Make weapon list
- Make armor list
- Make equipment list (including drugs?)
- Make Google Maps copy of Haven and jungle in Wyoming
- Make example job / campaign?

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