How the year 2285 REALLY looks

I finalized the Overland Map so it isn’t a crude Google Maps ripoff. Here is a tiny preview, but I suggest clicking on it to open the IN YOUR FACE size (1535×1335 pixels):

Finalized Overland Map

I am especially pleased by the new sealine on the east and west coast…it almost looks natural. I decided to cut out Canada and Mexico completely to leave the focus solely on the USA. I should think up a new name instead of “USA” though, since I doubt it’d be called the same in 2285. How about…Dinoland! Yeah…I’ll work on it.

Anyways the tree images making up the volcanic jungle are GIMP Brushes from this dA account (basically the first Google search result for “GIMP tree brushes”). I’ve never installed or used custom brushes before but they did a great job and look pretty nice. The basic map is from the official USA Atlas site (although I forget the link now, and had to painstakingly convert it from PDF to a huge sized image to work from).

I might apply a few fancy pants filters to make the map look all worn and old, but for the version that’ll be embedded in the rules I’ll keep it pretty simple and clean.

Anyways, the rest of my progress is going pretty well. I’m slowly filling out the rule sections, and just did the Damage Track explanation and diagram and stuff. I’ll probably do a few more bits and then post an updated copy. The character sheet remains pretty much untouched (besides changing Dinomount Size to Type). My next highest priority task is making the “mini-sheet” that will be used for Followers / Henchmen and enemies. I’m hoping 3 will fit on a single print out, so then I can really pack a bunch of information on allies or foes together.

Oh and the rule for Dinomounts “dying” (ie: reaching the end of their Damage Track) has always been that they were Downed. Well now I came up with the item that will restore them after a battle (think Phoenix Down from Final Fantasy). It’s called Sal Volatile and is basically fancy smelling salts. It’s also nicknamed “Jolt Juice”, “Sparker”, or “Alarm Clock”. Sort of a nice simple idea that keeps the tone light.

Anyways, I have tonight and tomorrow night free to work on rules, and then I’m busy until Sunday night. Hopefully I can get the Game Overview and Followers section done in the rules, and then the mini-sheet as well.

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