A slew of posted documents

Well I figure it’s time for an update. As usual the weekend filled up with non-Dinosaur Cowboy related activities, but I still got the Sidekick sheet done before, and then did some rule formatting earlier today. My TODO list is looking pleasingly small now, with the big leftover sections summed up as “Traits, Dinocards, Enemies”. Here’s the actual document I’m tracking from:

- Finish Traits
- Finish Dinomount section

- Make Enemy cards
- Make Dinocards
- Make example jobs / campaign?

I am having a playtest with someone else on Thursday, and am going to try to get a short game in before then (maybe tonight or tomorrow). Dinocards and the Dinomount section in the rules are my next priority, as well as some basic Enemies. I’ve still been stewing over Traits, and that list will probably be the last thing I put in.

And now for the latest version of all the documents I’ve been working on, again in ODT or PDF format:

Rules: ODT | PDF

Items (Weapons, Armor, Equipment): ODT | PDF

Character Sheet: ODT | PDF

Sidekick / Enemy Sheet: ODT | PDF

I’ve had less to brainstorm and think about as less sections remain overall, so that’s why the post frequency has slowed down. Now I mostly am nose-to-the-grindstone working away at the rules and hammering out the actual implementation instead of just thinking about the mechanics.

Hooray so exciting seeing the project come together!

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