Did an Allosaurus kill and eat me?

Well I ended up being one of “those guys” that gets fired up about an idea, creates a blog, and then lets it stagnate. I’m still alive and still regularly check for comments and views, it’s just that, well, there isn’t much more to finish about the game. This is a problem with the simpler skirmish style rules because I can finish them relatively fast and don’t like to add needless complexity just for the sake of keeping blog posts going.

So if you don’t hear from me again on here, don’t think I’ve abandoned the blog (unless it’s you know, 15 years in the future or something). Still comment and email ideas to me, and if I’m ever struck with some new mechanism I can add to the game without bogging it down I’ll definitely let everyone know.

But otherwise I’d say take version 0.5 as the final set of Dinosaur Cowboys rules. All I really need to do is make a big list of enemies, but the game is fully playable without that. I could also bump up the version number since 0.5 is far far too low for how polished and playtested the game is.

I just thought I’d drop in and at least have the decency to write this post for anyone who wanders in and says “Oh great he hasn’t posted since dinosaurs were FIRST around”. And yes, I do want to end on that cheesy joke!

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