Outstanding Items

Alrighty let’s pile all my TODOs together and see if I can’t get a few issues resolved and v0.8 done. I won’t have a ton of time until next week to get to these, but it’s good to keep a list somewhere.

Playtest TODO

  • * Test removing Movement to-hit modifier, or making it only apply to someone who Ran. Downside is less motivation for a full shooty Posse to be mobile.
  • * Test simultaneous attacks, so that being taken out of action doesn’t actually remove the figure until the end of the turn.
  • * Test different activation methods. Most likely is rolling for Initiative before every Activation, but still accounting for uneven numbers. For example if it’s 2vs1 and the larger team wins Initiative, they would Activate 2 figures. Simultaneous fire would help keep this easy because the numbers per side wouldn’t change in the middle of a turn. Instead of a rolloff could flip a coin, draw a card, or odds/even a single dice.
  • Test making Leadership grant 1 extra Activation, even perhaps double Activation of a single figure?

Document TODO

  • * Make a snazzy logo for the title page (t-rex skull with crossed pistols below it?).
  • * Add a table of contents (tedious but pretty much necessary).
  • * Add page number footers.
  • * Create a quick rules reference sheet filled with modifiers, available actions, etc.
  • Create a quick character reference sheet filled with statistic IP costs, steps, etc.
  • * Potentially combine the Rules.odt, Items.odt, and Sheet-Posse-Roster.odt into a single document (mixing portrait and landscape print styles might be a hassle?).

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