Little quieter

The end of June and start of July have been a bit quieter for this blog, at least compared to the flurry of activity around v0.7 and v0.8, with all the playtesting and battle reports and so on.

But until the end of summer you can expect less volume of posts. Two factors to this, one is I’m getting married in August so that’s priority #1, and the second is the rules are reaching a point where they don’t need vast, sweeping changes. There aren’t even any big sections left to fill out or rewrite or anything. What I’m saying is one day (probably soonish) Dinosaur Cowboys will be completed, and then I really won’t have much too brainstorm or post excerpts about. This happened with my Brains zombie game as well, since eventually you just reach a point where the rules work great, and any further additions would just be added complexity. I did get some nice feedback from the forums though, so that’s always inspirational.

So anyways, my TODO list right now is basically “Add images to the rulebook”. I have the images picked out, I’m just trying to find a good way to size/scale them so the document doesn’t bloat to 8mb but still looks sharp when printing. I do want to finish some kind of fillable Posse Roster and corresponding design program, but that’s unrelated from the core rules.

Of course I’d like to get some games in and post more battle reports (and that’s probably what the majority of posts in the far future will be), but again my schedule is focused elsewhere.
Also who knows, maybe my Nanowrimo in November this year will be Dinosaur Cowboys related, to really flesh out the universe.

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