Posse: The Utah Water Rustlers

Today is a really special treat, as a forum poster has completed his own Posse using the v0.9 rules. But he went above and beyond doing just that, and actually ordered and painted up a slew of cowboy figures to go with his Ankylosaurus figure. The creator is cody20 from the DakkaDakka forums, and I really have to thank him for his interest in the game and dedication to assembling a terrific looking Posse!

Without further ado (since most of you recent readers are probably coming from the DakkaDakka thread in the first place :)) I give you the Utah Water Rustlers:

I guess this means I really need to get on having a similarly dashing looking force available for my battle reports, instead of the hodge podge of figures I’ve used in the past. Anyways with luck this won’t be the last we hear of from cody20, so hopefully I can post some bonus battle reports from him in the future!

One Response to “Posse: The Utah Water Rustlers”

  1. Paul Merrill Says:

    DinosaurCowboy – What a great post and great, sharp pics !!!….Im 64 and a life-long dino-fan, and fondly remember the large hard-plastic dinos (in light pastel colors) that MARX produced for kids in the 1960s; a Tyranosaur (light grey), a Brontosaur (light blue), a Stegosaur (light green) and a Moschops (light pink) as part of their Flinstones prehistoric playsets….

    These MARX figures were the LARGEST hard-plastic dinosaurs produced by any company back then, and were VERY detailed and based on museum sculptures by the famous paleo-artist Charles Knight and the renowned paleontologist Charles Gilmore (MARX Stegosaur) and are all now quite rare and expensive whenever one shows up on ebay. Fortunately, as a 5-year old i was careful enough to NOT injure myself with these large sharp-edged figures !!!…However….


    Those early HARD-plastic dinos should have NEVER been marketed or sold for children under 8 !!!, as these all have several very SHARP points and edges, which very probably caused some injuries to small children back then, and so should NEVER be legally sold as “toys” today, but only as “collector-” or “display-” figures. So parents, keep your small children SAFE by NOT purchasing UNSAFE sharp-edged dinosaur, animal or other “action” figure toys !


    1. Overall, the very detailed sculpting done for the modern dinosaur figures from BATTAT, PAPO, SAFARI and other companies is EXCELLENT and remarkable (mostly), but there is ONE particular design-TREND of these figures that totally ANNOYS me (and many others i believe) : The TOTALLY ABSURD and scientifically un-founded trend of these companies directing their sculptors to position the TAILS of the figures HIGHER up (or nearly HIGHER) than the head !!!

    2. There are many ADULT dinosauria collectors /enthusiasts who like to have highly-detailed dinosaur figures displayed on a shelf, so logically these larger detailed display figures should NEVER be referred to by ANYONE as “toys” !

    This RIDICULOUS-looking tail-position, which is now being adopted by much of the plastic-figures industry, was NOT started by any scientific discovery or fact, but by a (conveniently anonymous) paleontologist who, having LOGICALLY realized that dinosaurs were NOT “tail-draggers”, then concluded (ILLOGICALLY) the EXTREME-opposite, that the tails must have been normally held VERY HIGH up (???!!!)….This person then got on the phone and started influencing every friend and associate of this, who in turn then “informed’ the product industries of this “new scientific fact” !!!….

    3. Ive NEVER been a fan of these new, absurdly-LONG dinosaur names !….many of these are just TOO long and UN-PRONOUNCEABLE by people !!!….Whatever happened to the simple, reasonable species-naming standard, as used for “Brontosaur”, “Stegosaur”, etc ???!!! Also, i object to the constant and totally-unnecessary addition of “us” on the end of already-long dinosaur names !….NO ONE is going to mistake “Stegosaur” as some OTHER animal….etc, etc, etc !!!

    OK, thats enuff of my venting !….Anyone disagree with ANY of the above ?

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