Feeling Famous Now

I’ve always been a fan of the website Board Game Geek. They certainly are Eurogame-centric (as most boardgamers are) but they still have great resources and communities for smaller, older, or out of print games. Plus it’s fun to read up on a game someone told you about and see what the buzz is around it.

So it’s with great pleasure I announce that Dinosaur Cowboys got added to the BGG database. That’s right, all approved and added and official looking. Feel free to see and contribute to the new Dinosaur Cowboys BGG item.

I’ve been asked a couple of times about possibly setting up forums somewhere for discussion. I try to get discussions going at half a dozen websites, so that’s definitely a valid request. To that end I’m making the BGG forum for Dinosaur Cowboys the de-facto place to discuss ideas, traits, adventures, game sessions, etc. The link is available at the above page or in the sidebar of this blog, or you can go directly to the official Dinosaur Cowboys Forum. Hopefully we can get some lively chatter going on in there.

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