Preview of v0.91

NOTE: v1.0 was released on October 31st, 2011, so use that version instead.

Since I’ll be working hard on getting a final release out by October 10th I thought I’d show folks how the rulebook has been shaping up since v0.91.

There a bunch of minor changes and editing, but the biggest two changes are: Dinosaur rules have been hugely updated (Discipline, Breeds, new roster layout, etc.) and I tried putting in my historical sepia images. Here are some other highlights:

  • Added Dinosaur Discipline, Breed, and other rule changes and clarifications.
  • Added historical images throughout the rulebook for flavor.
  • Added fan made Overland Map thanks to Felix.
  • New headers and example box formatting and page numbering style.
  • Changed Stopped/Stunned to disallow the Movement/Action phase respectively.
  • Clarified Fleeing through an enemy entity is considered impossible so Stunned instead.
  • Added Fan the Hammer special ability to Six-Shooters.
  • Added Scattergun, 10-Pound Cannon, and Field Gun weapons.
  • Changed AR 4 armor to reduce MV by -1 (instead of 0), cascaded change down to AR 7.
  • Edited and updated the History section.
  • Capped Hitpoints at 50 instead of Unlimited.

Anyways I’d like some feedback on the image integration (does it look good, does it print well, how do you feel about the increased file size, etc.) and the new Dinosaur rules (does Discipline work over Bravery, is Panic Movement fun or tedious, etc.). If all the rules make sense and continue to playtest well this is probably what v1.0 will look like. I mean I’ll have some more eye-for-detail editing and dozens of re-reads to make sure everything makes sense and flows well, but yeah, getting close!

Download the Dinosaur Cowboys Rulebook v0.91 Preview and let me know what you think!

(Note: Scheduled vacation post. Back October 4th)

2 Responses to “Preview of v0.91”

  1. Elliot Hampton Says:

    I was thinking about the game today, when I remembered a slightly related PC RTS called Paraworld that was released some time ago. Basically, the different factions were all humans, and had a variety of different dinosaur units available as well. The main uses were as transports (units in the howdahs could attack enemies in safety, and looked very cool) and siege weapons (larger herbivores carried catapults, and little could stop the carnivores). This made me think about dinosaur equipment. Do you have any plans to implement such things into the game, eventually?

    And even if you don’t, Paraworld is pretty cool and well worth a look


    • Dinosaur Cowboy Says:

      Thanks for the tip Elliot, Paraworld does look right up the same alley. I’ll see if I can get a copy sometime to check it out.

      I had considered dinosaur equipment as a variant, since then I could go the route of the old TV show Dinoriders where you can add armor and turrets and so forth. It tends to make dinosaurs more like upgradeable vehicles from other games, but I don’t see anything wrong with that.

      So yeah, probably just a variant equipment list after I finish the stable version. For the full list of “nice-to-have” variant rules check out:

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