Back in the saddle

Well I’m back in the saddle after my week vacation. I’m still hoping to get a final stable release out for October 10th, but that might get pushed back because I have a friend’s wedding to go to this weekend.

Anyways as I mentioned in my post about the v0.91 preview I integrated my sepia images into the rulebook. I’m still not entirely sold on the idea because it has the downside of bloating the PDF file and maybe doesn’t even add much in terms of style. The image to the right gives you an idea of how these have been integrated.

I’m hoping to get a playtest in this week and over the weekend and then be in a position to release v1.0 on Monday. Although I would like to do a full battle report for it I might skip the photos and writeup this time because it takes significantly more time, and my focus in this case is testing the latest rule changes as compared to showcasing the game. I’m sure once I get v1.0 done I’ll have plenty of battle reports coming for that.

Not much other news on the Dinosaur Cowboy front. I migrated my previous RPGGeek item to BoardGameGeek instead (link) after some discussion on where it belonged. With luck I’ll get some user contributions in the form of images and session reports and so forth.

A reader pointed me to Paraworld, a semi-cheesy 2006 RTS computer game that involves dinosaurs. I’ll have to find a copy and give it a shot, since any rare supporting material I can find for the genre is worth checking out.

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