Nazi Dinosaurs in “Jurassic Reich”

More Genre Mixing!
Well I’m diverging a bit from the dinosaur and cowboy cross-genre, but dinosaurs and Nazis still kind of relates, they just use an MP40 instead of a six-shooter.
It looks like one of the more well known Nazi Dinosaur efforts is Jurassic Reich. There doesn’t seem to be a defined set of rules for their tabletop efforts, instead the main claim to fame are purchasable miniatures of Nazis riding dinosaurs. Eureka Miniatures handles the figures, and have a good variety including some flying units. I could see picking up one or two for a themed posse of WW2 fanatics, or even just plain guys with helmets and guns.

Anyways there is a great battle report brimming with pictures at the Little Wars blog (likely named after a very old tabletop ruleset by HG Wells). They have a few other posts too.

What’s Been Happening Recently
As for Dinosaur Cowboys news there isn’t much shaking, as I said would happen once I finalized the rules. I did host a game for two friends between The Sunset Riders and The Death Snakes, in which The Sunset Riders barely pulled out a victory. There was plenty of melee and positioning and sniping, and overall it was fun for them to try. They liked the unit-by-unit activation and tactical feel to the game, which is good news to me.
I do have pictures from another battle report, so I’ll have to upload those and flesh out the notes sometime soon.
Over my Christmas vacation I’m going to try to paint a cowboy figure or two so that I have something that resembles the background a little bit more than my handful of 40k discards, haha.
Anyways here’s a look at the “Across the Street” battle report I’ll hopefully post in full soon:

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