Dino Storm Closed Beta Key Contest!

Well the Dino Storm closed beta went live today. I’m in the process of loading it up.
In case you missed your chance at a key I have an extra one that I’d love to give away through a simple contest. Just email me the coolest Dinosaur Cowboys picture you can make, be it from a tabletop game or art related. A huge preference will be given to new images that you personally make, as compared to just digging something up on the internet. I imagine there won’t be many entries so give it a shot.
Send all pictures to dinosaur.cowboys@gmail.com. At the end of the week the person who sends the picture I like the most will get my extra beta key.
The contest is now over. See the results!

And if you’re interested in seeing what the game is like, be sure to check out my review from my first day of playing.

2 Responses to “Dino Storm Closed Beta Key Contest!”

  1. joshua Says:

    I would love to play dinostorm it looks so cool i have been reading dinosaur books since i was a little kid so please give me the beta key

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