Dino Storm Key Contest – Results!

Here are the entries for my little Dino Storm Closed Beta Key Contest, in order received. As I mentioned in the original contest the idea was to send in the best Dinosaur Cowboys related tabletop pictures or artwork. Unfortunately I thought there would be more overlap between computer folks and tabletop people, since all the entries were just found on the internet. All it would have taken for someone to really sweep the contest is an original picture of some figures and a dinosaur, but alas!

The first entry was from Paul, who came up with some art from what looks like Dino Riders:

Then Yawar who took some Dino Storm screenshots and concept art (in fact I had posted similar concept art in the original contest):

And finally Ferran, who grabbed what looks like forum signature avatars.

The Winner Is…
After some consideration and deliberation the winner is Yawar! I’ve emailed him the closed beta key and hope he will enjoy Dino Storm.

Anyways back to your regularly scheduled tabletop programming after this. I’m playing a 4-person game of Dinosaur Cowboys tomorrow so that will be thrilling.

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