New Undead Halloween Supplement

Creepy Undead are shambling to life around the old bunkers and farms of the wastelands. Mindless, relentless, and frightening creatures shamble their way onto your tabletop in the first supplement for Dinosaur Cowboys. Pit your posse against four Undead creatures: Pioneers, Cowboys, Savages, and the Juggernaught.

Download the free Dinosaur Cowboys undead Halloween Supplement PDF

See the supplement play out in the Halloween at the Old Bunker battle report (or view the PDF online).

Yes that’s right, I decided to do a fun event for Halloween. I had been ruminating on some simple Undead rules for a while, and I thought I’d run a game last night using a playtest version of them. The basic idea behind Undead is to have a bunch of them on the table at once, not controlled by a player. They just mindlessly move towards the closest target and try to tear it to pieces. They don’t have any Hitpoints to track, which really facilitates putting a TON of them on the board.
What I did instead of Hitpoints was “Dark Power”, which is a dice type. For example Undead Pioneer’s have D6 Dark Power. When an Undead is hit with damage they roll their Dark Power. If it’s greater than or equal to the incoming damage they are knocked down, otherwise they are killed. I represented knocked down as both the Stunned and Stopped condition. On the tabletop I was just putting the figures face down to track this, then I’d turn them face up in their turn, and then the next turn they could move as normal. If a knocked down figure took damage while in this state they were denied their Dark Power roll, so they were outright killed. That made it easy to wound and then finish off an Undead.
With just a MV and MMC or RMC skill they are easy to handle on the board. I already had a 4″ piece of wood cut so I didn’t even have to measure their movement, I could just lay that down and advance each figure.
The variants of Undead are slightly different, with the Pioneer being the most basic (MV 4, MMC 5, 2A-5D melee). The Savage is slightly faster and attacks differently, the Cowboy shoots a basic 12″ gun, and the Juggernaught has quite a bit of Dark Power kicking around.
In terms of playing the Undead I made a simple generation chart for seeing how many spawn each turn. Worse case you get 6 Pioneers or 3 Cowboys/Savages. In my battle report I had them spawn from an old bunker but multiple spawn points could also work.

Anyway I hope you enjoy the supplement and find it fun. It definitely gives the game a different feel when you’re gunning down Undead left and right and half a dozen more are spawning each turn.

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