Preview of upcoming v1.4 rules

Yesterday I had mentioned me and my friend were brainstorming Deployments, Objectives, and Features. Well I finished formatting what we came up with, and now there are a bunch of new pages in the current rulebook. Also I had done some campaign extensions with injury tables and other neato new stuff.

So I thought I’d let everyone take a look at the progress. I exported an excerpt of the changes which basically ended up as the Standalone Game and Campaign Game sections. These rules have (hopefully) been edited, but haven’t had any rigorous playtesting yet. I’m going to play a few games using them in the upcoming weeks, as well as try to get outside playtesters involved (most likely from BGG).
With luck there will be a new rulebook release late February. Although I’ve been using v1.4 as the next version, I might bump it up to v1.5 or v2.0 because of how much additional content and changes were added.

But for now take a look at the most recent changes, and be sure to let me know what you think: New Features Preview PDF which contains 10 deployments, 11 objectives, 40 features, night fighting, forced march overland travel rules, difficult overland terrain, underdog bonuses, and wounds and injuries including 2 new tables. Lots to check out!

Genre-Killer_by-delirious_smem(Photo Credit)

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