Finally on

Well after a year of humming and hawing I finally decided to take the plunge and get an “actual” .com domain. So as long as I keep payin’ you’ll be able to use instead of the older, uglier, and messier This also means you can reach me by email at Pretty neat!

Also I wanted to self congratulate that the site surpassed 80,000 total hits a few days ago. I know hit counters are so old fashioned, and most people don’t care about views, but I do! :) Coming from a childhood of 5 hits per year on some Angelfire homepage I crudely made with all-caps HTML, this is a nice big improvement. According to the WordPress stats my best day was 475 views. Most of the time it’s around 60-150 views though.

Update a few weeks in: One downside I noticed is the traffic really dropped off with the domain change, I guess because some old posts that were indexed at the .wordpress. address no longer are? Strange since the wordpress address still redirects properly. I guess I’ll just have to build up the traffic and search results again.

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