New gunslinger painted: “Sarah Love”

Well I’ve had this mini for a long while, and always loved the dynamic pose and brace of pistols. Back in the Windy River test campaign (which seems so long ago!) I had hired a character named Sarah Love with the intent of using this mini. Well I finally sat down and painted her.
As usual I went with a brighter scheme, since like I’ve said before I get tired of painting brown + metal + black. So she has a nice bright purple vest and dashing blue scarf. Although it’s hard to tell in the picture, her goggles are actually a metallic/shimmery green, and then varnished so they shine a bit. I tried to go for ivory handles on the pistols too. I think her face turned out well too, with the lipstick matching her vest and the vicious scar on her cheek. Then a nice bright base to highlight her on the table and she’s ready for war!


Also no matter how much I look over these figures before I take pictures, somehow there are STILL pieces of fluff and dust on them. So annoying.

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