ARK: Survival Evolved (upcoming dino riding computer game)

This game is buzzing on various news sites, and even though it’s not directly related to tabletop gaming I thought I’d mention it because of the possibility of riding dinosaurs! The game is survival multiplayer (what isn’t these days, between RUST and a zillion imitators). I’m tentatively excited about this, since so far computer games with dinosaurs haven’t fared well. The Stomping Land was canceled, the Primal series was just junky, etc.

Anyway you can see the Steam page and official website if you want.

I entered to get a chance at the closed beta, because who knows it could be good. If the game is as slick as the trailer makes it seem (although that’s the point of trailers) I think it could be a real gem.

In some ways I almost think dinosaurs are becoming the new zombies…add them to an otherwise dull game and suddenly it’s cool!

3 Responses to “ARK: Survival Evolved (upcoming dino riding computer game)”

  1. David Thompson Says:

    I’m not a huge fan of MMOs – or video games in general – but wow, I’ll check this out for sure. Looks awesome.

  2. Eccentric Cowboy Says:

    Thanks for putting this up on your page, I hadn’t heard of it before now! :)

    I think you’re wise in remaining cautiously optimistic. Seems to be the best way to approach things these days, what with so many being let downs. I jumped into Stomping Land and was not pleased with how my expectations were rewarded.
    I’ll keep my eye on this game, but I won’t get my hopes up, although I certainly hope it’s as cool as they make it look! It’ll take a heap of effort on their part, but it would be worth it methinks. I’m almost never one to go into the DayZ type multiplayer games, as it’s usually just more of the same with annoying players trying to murder your face, but this one looks like something I’d try out. It definitely has gorgeous environments, great looking animals, and I can’t help but be delighted at seeing a single action revolver and single shot lever action! Fanning the Peacemaker probably wasn’t the best idea though, but I’m being nit-picky.

    But yeah, let’s see if they can deliver on what they are promising and prey to Cthulhu that it will be as good as it looks, cuz if it is then it’ll be a dream come true. :)
    I think dino games might become more popular soon, what with Jurassic World looming on the horizon. Keeping fingers crossed for that too. Been a major dry spell for good dino movies!

  3. David Thompson Says:

    Just noticed this is now available on Steam for early access. Let me know if you check it out.

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