Poster by Harry BonathThe Battle to Seattle (BTS) is a Dinosaur Cowboys campaign running from Feb 2014 to April 2014 involving myself and three friends. You can read more here or under the tag.

The purpose of this page is to inform the involved players about the current status of the next upcoming game. This page will be consistently updated to be a reference for this purpose.

Rulebook we are using: DC Rulebook and DC Quickdraw
Variant Rules in play: Last Man Standing, Dual Wield, Initiative Focus
Gentleman’s Agreements: Max 20 HP, Max 4 DEF, Min 4 RTN, Max 1 weapon with max Long Distance greater than equal to 18″.
Posse Advancement: 3 IP and $30 ND per enemy taken Out of Action. 5 IP and $50 ND per successful encounter. Additional 1 IP and $10 ND per kill if the encounter was successful.

Current Status
The Battle to Seattle campaign has concluded! Thanks to all the players who participated, and all you readers who followed along. If you want to read the whole 10 game saga check out the BTS tag.

Final player posses:

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