Some high res Dinotopia art

I’ve mentioned Dinotopia before, and although it’s not cowboy related it certainly has dinosaurs co-existing with humans. The setting is fantastic and really sparks the childhood imagination. I found a couple of high resolution pictures of Dinotopia art so I thought I’d share:

Definitely click on them for full size!

Thematic desert background

In case you haven’t had the luxury of visiting the vast desert scrub in the southern US, I thought a thematic picture would help inspire players. I can really imagine a lone cowboy riding their dinosaur mount through these rocky passes. Camping under the stars, avoiding bandits and gigantic carnivores, keeping their laser pistols holstered but ready.

Speaking of pictures that spur the imagination I finally picked up Dinotopia (well, I actually got it for my birthday). I got the 20th anniversary hardcover version and it’s super nice and just chock full of terrific pictures backed by a whimsical storyline. I’d recommend it to anyone who wants a unique “coffee table book” or who is interested in the genre of humanity interacting with prehistoric life:

Dinotopia by James Gurney

Some more inspirational material, although less wild west and more Victorian era: Dinotopia. The book details a shipwrecked crew who find a lost island where humans and dinosaurs co-exist. It looks like some terrific art. I figure I might get the 20th anniversary edition when it’s released in September.

Not much else to say about that, but I did add it to the “recommended reading” section. Now to just resist the temptation to add airships (that is always, always a temptation).