The Pony Express with Dinosaurs

The Pony Express always evokes the imagination and pioneer spirit, even though it was only around for a year or so and ran a huge deficit. But the idea of lone riders blazing across the plains, scorching deserts, and high alpine peaks sticks with people. Some readers might have heard of the old Pony Express newspaper ad that famously declared “Orphans preferred”.
Well I recently posted a Photoshop request to turn that poster into a Dinosaur Cowboy themed image. I had some great help and here is the finished product!

And some of the raw images used, which are also great even without the thematic poster:

I’m going to see about working the modified poster into the rulebook somewhere, maybe around the overland travel section.

Fanart of travelling methods

Got some more cool fanart today, this time from cody20 who has been a big proponent of the game. Always great to see works like this! Traditionally “fast” travel in Dinosaur Cowboys is done via Flappers (Pterosauria) and Swimmers (Nothosaurus), but USA 2285 is a big place so old fashion steam boats and blimps would be perfect for the cowboy feel!