Some western figures to paint

As much as I love working on rules, I have run out of steam for painting miniatures years ago. I used to paint a ton when I was a kid and heavily into Warhammer 40,000. Since then it’s been a spaceship or post apocalyptic figure here or there, but not the same 10-man squad dedication I once had.
The downside is the cowboy element of my personal Dinosaur Cowboys battle reports is rather…lacking. So far I’ve just used various sci-fi figures from various ranges. In truth I have two full posses of western looking figures that are just begging to be painted. The problem is both time and motivation.
Anyway I thought I’d share a few of the up and comers:

From Left to Right
1. Japanese Cowboy, sort of. I think her weapon looks really sci-fi even if I’m not sold on the various swords.
2. Sarah Love. This is a terrific cowboy figure with a brace of pistols that look very sci-fi. She also has cool sun glasses / goggles pushed up on her forehead (not really visible in this picture). I had originally bought her for Traveller.
3. Bear Coat. Nice and simple and would be perfect as a sniper with that crude scope and pipe rifle configuration. The bear coat makes less sense in a dinosaur focused setting, but hey!
4. Prospector. This figure has tons of character in my eyes. I like his simple shovel and bedroll slung over his shoulder, and the jaunty angle of his hat. I could see him being a good NPC.
5. Safari Jim. Just screams “Neotechnoist over his head”. His safari hat and safari getup are the perfect modern Victoria era look. He was originally a Warhammer 40k figure (part of the Schaeffer’s Last Chancers box set meant to be The Dirty Dozen). I chopped off the very recognizable Imperial Guard pattern laser gun for a slightly less recognizable crossbow, which gives him a cool feel.
6. Graveyard Guard. Haha I’ve had this guy forever, he came in a set with a giant underground worm (Tremors style). Seems like the perfect “dumb peasant” archetype.

Besides these I have some even more western ones from the Reaper Miniatures Chronoscope line, such as The Man With No Name and a so perfectly fitting Futuristic Cowboy.

I’ll get there, slowly!