Post apocalyptic fan made table

I’ve got a real treat today from Ross (who you might remember as the creator of two great looking Posses). He has pulled together a terrific looking Dinosaur Cowboys themed table replete with rusted cars, shattered roads, and overgrown ruins. Pictures speak louder than words, so enjoy:

New fan made Overland Map

Felix helped me out again with a cool new Overland Map. It’s textured and really shows off the jungle feel to the area surrounding the volcano. I am fairly certain I’ll put it into the rulebook, my only concern being filesize bloat (it bumped the ODT file from ~700kb to 2.1mb). But sometimes style is worth it. I do like having consistent fonts on there (“Future West” and “West Test” that were used on the Posse Roster and Quick Reference Sheet), and I’ll likely apply them to my old, plain map as well.

See the results for yourself and let me know what you think!

PS: The full size is huge.