“Cowless Cowboy” by spohniscool

Ever since spohniscool did the great title page for this game, I’ve been following his work. And it just so happens that his latest stuff relates to Dinosaur Cowboys. Mainly because there are dinosaurs…and cowboys…

He’s started on a comic (4 pages at the time of this post), and it looks pretty cool so far. Lots of good dynamic poses and fight scenes. Even a little spearing-while-mounted-on-a-Triceratops.


He did a colored version too!



New art just for this game from spohniscool

Right around the new year I did an art feature on spohniscool, an artist who had a great collection of line art involving dinosaurs and cowboys. I had talked with him and he agreed to do some art specifically for the game in his spare time. I’m really happy to present the first piece which he calls “Xenozoic Landscape”. This would be for the Campaign section. I really like the picture because it makes a person want to build a posse and explore. Really evokes the imagination.
The image is on his Deviantart page as well.

I’m going to work on adding in the line art for the next release of the rulebook (v2.0). I might keep the old sepia toned images for the History section (since they go well with the “Pony Express” image), and otherwise drop in line art. What do you think?

Art Feature: spohniscool

I generally try to keep an eye open for any art vaguely related to dinosaurs and cowboys. Compared to fantasy or sci-fi this genre is so narrow that any pieces are rare.
I lucked out recently when I found an artist called spohniscool on DeviantArt (the name can be offputting, but the site is well known and popular for aspiring artists).
So I combed his gallery and found anything Dinosaur Cowboy related, and figured I’d post them all here.

All the links go back to the original page, which has the full size version. If you get a 500 error on their site try refreshing, as it sometimes doesn’t like a bunch of rapid hits (which I assume is how you’ll be clicking the links as you holler “More dinooosaurs!”).

But first, my favorite piece from the entire collection, just for the way it evokes my imagination but remains so simple:

A close second thanks to the dynamic pose and perfect fit it’d be for the melee combat section of the rulebook:

Now…release the thumbnaaaaaaails!


And of course what would a dinosaur picture be without some comedy: