Some inspiration

So I found two great images (well, one was a post with a bunch of images) that exhibit the feel I want for Dinosaur Cowboys. As awesome as the idea is, for some reason there isn’t a whooooole ton written on it before. Honestly these are basically the best set of images I’ve found so far, on the entire internet. Crazy.

Anyways the first is a “Dinogang” and gives the feel I want for my eventual figures:

Next up is a heroically epic image called “Go West”. Full credit goes to ~VampireHungerStrike from DeviantArt. I figured I’d post the image here since clicking links gets boring:
Dinosaur and a cowboy

2 Responses to “Some inspiration”

  1. Hexxenhammer Says:

    Hey, glad you like my cowboys and dinosaurs conversions. I kind of abandoned that blog, but I did set up a flickr account to post my miniatures and whatnot. I’ve got a Weird West album here:


    It will be updated with more cowboys and dinosaurs in the future.

  2. Dinosaur Cowboy Says:

    Awesome, thanks for the link. I especially like the Tremors looking worm creature, and am psyched to see some more dino cowboys in the future.

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