First “real” game

Thoughts from Yesterday
Well my first “real” game (ie: not just playtesting alone) went well yesterday. I was the GM and my friend played a Duster who started in New Mexico. He shot up most of the people he met which resulted in him being knocked out and captured by bandits, and then after escaping getting captured AGAIN and almost hung by angry townsfolk and Neotechnoists. Good times.

The game held up very well. It would have been nice to have some Traits done, but even without the added variety and options of those there was plenty to do in combat. I also would have liked some printed enemy sheets, since I sometimes had to fill them in as I went.

I had a bit of a “woa, wait a second” moment when I considered the possibility that Dinomounts don’t actually add anything to the game. Heresy, I know. Well, maybe what I should say is the Damage Tracks on Dinomounts don’t add much to the game. Maybe it would be better to just have Dinomounts add a flat +HP bonus. That sort of makes them just like pieces of equipment you wear to boost stats, instead of a separate entity.
But I worry that the whole reason I put Damage Tracks in was because I loved it so much in Silent Death, which they are based off. The whole degrading movement and armor as you go SEEMS like a fun idea…but is it really in practice?
So if I took out Damage Tracks and did make Dinomounts glorified +MV, +AR, +HP pieces of equipment, where would that leave the feel of the game? Well…almost too simple. Maybe I’d have to add in crouch and prone to make up for it, or something extra to give the player more choice than “move and shoot”.
I guess once I get a few Dinocards done up and integrate them into the game I can see how it plays. I guess I just find the foot combat so much fun already that I don’t know if extra steps and tracking will add much to the game.

Also I might want to change how AR works. Right now people get shot, a lot. With 2 AR as the base and 3 pretty much standard for the first two levels, you’re left taking a lot of hits. But I had to keep AR relatively low in preparation for a person getting a Dinomount (which normally boosts AR). What I might do to solve this problem is make base, unmounted AR higher (ie: 3 default, 4 or 5 common for low levels, which is 6 if you’re in cover which is a nice chance to dodge) and then put a cap on the bonus from Dinomounts. Like they would have “+2 AR max 6” or something, so if you don’t have much armor you still get some bonus from the Dinomount, otherwise not really. Anyways, think of that possible mechanic similar to the max Dex bonus in D&D, or something along those lines.
That is a further reason to just remove Damage Tracks, since why would you care about losing AR from your Dinomount when you’re already at their max cap?
Another possibility with this is to make base AR higher, but start having movement penalties right away, so you can be either heavily armored and slow, or lightly armored and fast. Hmm, that might restrict characters too much though.
Who knew I’d actually have problems with armor though?! Normally that’s an easy thing to solve, but I guess I just set the base too low to begin with.


Radio Silence
Well Christmas is approaching, and I’m taking next week off work, so don’t expect many posts from me. I hope to get Traits done and start filling in some enemy sheets, but yeah I’ll likely get too busy with family obligations to write much here. So if there isn’t a post until the new year, you’ll know why!

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