Dinomount gallery

Annnnnd I’m back. That ended up being quite a gap, but holidays and busyness tend to do that. Anyways…2010 is here! We don’t have battery powered laser blastin’ six-shooters, but hey, at least 2010 sounds futuristic. Anyways I got a chance to photograph my collection of Dinomounts so far. There have a tag from the company “Papo” on them (except the Crocodile and Runner). Definitely highly detailed and good quality, and I wish the range had a few more types available. It’s kind of nice to get durable plastic toys instead of fragile metal figures, and so far they’ve added a lot to the game (especially in the big bandit raid last game, before the holidays).

I had a great idea for Traits as well, which I’ll talk about below after the gallery (note you should mouse over each for the type of Dinomount shown, and click for a larger [1024×768] picture):

Dinomount Gallery
Ducky Horned
Plated Raptor
Runner Thickskull

Traits Idea
Right, so the Trait breakthrough. First of all, Damage Tracks have been kiboshed. Dinomounts just provide a flat HP bonus to their riders. This really simplifies things, and stops my from feeling like I simply ripped off Silent Death (without actually improving one of their best mechanisms).
To make up for this simplification, and perhaps partially inspired by the Action Skills in the computer game Borderlands, I’ve decided to split Traits into Active and Passive. Passive just provide simple stat bonuses like +X Movement, +X Attacks, and so on. Or they provide generic other bonuses like a bigger inventory or faster overland travel or things of that nature.
The real fun are the Active Traits. Basically each Active Trait has an effect and an Activation Number (still working on the term…). Whenever a To-Hit roll is greater than or equal to the Activation Number, the effect of the Active Trait is applied to the enemy. You can switch your current Active Trait (or not even use one) any time before making an attack in combat.
I’m also considering some sort of re-skill fee that lets you pay Neodollars to erase your current Active Traits and choose new ones. I’m thinking (Level * $20) or something, to make it easier to try different Traits at lower levels, compared to higher levels when you should have a pretty good idea of what works.
So, as an example, let’s say an Active Trait is called “Crippling Shot”, and has an Activation Number of 9. If I’m firing with a standard 100KW Six-Shooter (4 Attacks), any roll of 9+ applies the Crippled effect to the target, which reduces their Movement by -1. Simple and fun and lots of options for hindering your enemy beyond just flat out applying damage.

Problems with this new idea? Well, obviously guns with more Attacks would be “overpowered” compared to those with low Attacks but high Damage. I’m thinking that the Activation Number will be a sort of “base” number, and can be modified and calculated depending on the weapon. For example if you have 1-2 attacks, lower the Activation Number by 1, so it makes up for having less chances to Activate by being easier to activate. I’m still trying to find an elegant solution to this.

So anyways, I’ve got a bit of work with redoing character sheets and enemy sheets (too bad I’ve already printed a ton of them!). I think I’ll just update the Dinotypes table in the Rules to have the +HP bonus right inline, which negates the need for Dinocards (which I mentioned before). I’m going to keep Break Tests (probably just at certain HP thresholds, like 50% and 25%, or maybe under certain effects like if they take 10+ damage in a single turn), but otherwise I can pretty much wipe out the entire Damage Track section. Once all that is done I’ll just have a bunch of enemies to make up, but that’s an ongoing process anyways, so yeah, should be getting close by the end of January!

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