Completed the Quick Reference Sheet

I’ve been waffling on creating a Quick Reference Sheet, mainly because I find after one or two games a person knows the rules well enough to not need it. But I’m aiming to make this game easy for other people to play, and surely someone out there would like a one page reference of modifiers, available actions per turn, etc.

So with that in mind I whipped up a nice looking document. I’ve integrated this into the main rulebook (for v0.9) so this will be the only direct download of the PDF, since going forward you’d just print the last page of the rulebook and be done with it.

Anyways if you’re interested please download the Quick Reference Sheet (PDF). If you’re interested with how it looks, well, here is an image:

PS: West Test is such a great flavorful font! Except I totally forgot to set the headers in Items.odt (the weapons, armor, and equipment lists) to that font, whoops. Remedied now.

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