Another playtest I need to write up

I now have a queue of 2 battle reports to write up. I fought “The Bounty” a while back (which helped test some v0.8 rules) and just yesterday I ran “Town Fight”, which implemented the most recent TODOs and was actually the most fun I’ve had with Dinosaur Cowboys so far. I think the board layout and similar teams (both had a dinosaur) helped. But yeah I have pictures from both sessions, so now I just need to sit down and write them up. Hopefully I can get some time this weekend.

For now here is a preview of the Posses involved in the “Town Fight”. You can see the cool road I used (I previously made these for Car Wars), as well as the Greyhound Bus which dominated the central street (and could be blown up).

Anyways the battle was Coleman’s Raiders versus The Duskhelm Posse:


So much fun.

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