Preview of v0.9

Note! v0.9 has actually been released, so you don’t really need this preview. Go and download the official v0.9 here.

Well I haven’t been sitting idle after v0.8, and I wanted to share some of the progress. I thought by this point I’d just be fine tuning rules, but I actually made a few big sweeping changes for v0.9…enough so that I almost might call it v0.85.

Anyways the highlights are: Added a Quick Reference Sheet, added Slowed weapon ability, made custom exotic Lassos, added a few new weapons (Derringer, Saber, Stun Gun, etc.), added a ton of traits (over 50 total now), changed Charge to be an Action that gives +D6″ Movement under certain circumstances, split Brawl into Natural Weapons which also now includes Dinosaur attacks (like Trample and Gore), removed Levels and awarded IP/ND on a per-kill basis, renamed Leadership to more flavorful Yeehaw, put the rules under a non-commercial Creative Commons license, added Falling damage, general clarifications and editing.

So yeah, big list of stuff! Most of it is checked off from yesterday’s TODO list. I’m a big fan of the new Charge approach, and an even bigger fan of removing Levels. Now the 4 fields at the top of the Posse Roster are IP Total/Current and ND Total/Current, so you can compare with your opponent to ensure the IP and ND match.

Anyways if this sounds interesting please check out the preview and give me some feedback!

Download the Dinosaur Cowboys Rulebook v0.9 Preview.

I’m hoping to get the battle reports up next, and then maybe start on the Variant Rules section.

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