Posse: The Dust Bowl Drifters

I’ve been really lucky again with the interest shown by fans, in this case from Red_Starrise on the DakkaDakka forums who created a posse for use with Dinosaur Cowboys called “The Dust Bowl Drifters”. Below are the figures along with descriptive background text he wrote. Thanks for the effort and great results; it’s always wicked to see more people trying the game!

“The Drifters were formed by outlaw Tyler Blake in Southern Oklahoma. They’re a band of hired guns who are well known & feared for their callous nature. They aren’t really BAD guys, per se, but they sure aren’t the good guys either.”

“Tyler Blake, a former caravan guard & merchant guild soldier, he’s a West Texan with a quick temper & an even quicker draw. Local legend is that he’s gunned down 15 men, including lawmen, bounty hunters, bandits & outlaws. Ask him, he’ll tell you to mind your own damn business. Blake knows of his own dislike for killing, especially cold-blooded murder but that doesn’t stop him taking contracts to do so.”

“Silas Martin, a drifter from where, he won’t say. Martin threw in with Blake a few months back after a situation in a saloon in Odessa involving a card game. He found himself with a gun to his head after a trike drover accused him of cheating. Martin’s bullwhip disarmed the man but also cost the man an eye which wound him up in the local jail. Blake, having seen the whole thing, put up the fines to get him out in exchange for him signing on with the Drifters till his debt was paid off. Martin has an aggressive nature & is very much in it for #1. He’s always itching for a fight & isn’t afraid to shed blood. Many’s the time Blake’s had to tell him to leave the dynamite.”

“Wallaby Jones, hailing from the Land Down Under, he comes from a long line of poachers & bushmen. When the continent of Australia was mostly drowned in the great floods, his great grandfather caught a ship for America hoping to hunt some of the dinosaurs that had begun to roam the lands. He hired on with the Drifters when they passed through California hunting down Tom Mulligan, the man responsible for the Texarkana Christmas Eve Massacre. They passed through Shasta into mountainous terrain, knowing that Mulligan would be holed up in the mountains he offered Blake his skill with a rifle seeing as the Drifters were all pretty much gunslingers.”

“Pablo Ortega, a Mexican outlaw & former gun-runner, Pablo rides with Blake due to owing him his life. A gun deal went sour in Albuquerque with the local drug gang, the Esperanzas. They reneged on the agreement when time came to pay & gunned down his crew. Pablo ran into the desert & stumbled upon the Drifters camp. When the Esperanza enforcers found them & demanded Pablo, Blake told them to go pound sand. A vicious gunfight erupted in which two enforcers lay dead at the cost of Blake’s gunsmith. Pablo volunteered to take his place in repayment for saving his life. The situation earned Blake the enmity of the Esperanzas, making Albuquerque one more place he’s not welcome anymore.”

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