A Photographic Walk Down Memory Lane

You know this project has been going on for quite a while now, basically since the first egg of an idea in November 2009. Now this blog has recently received it’s 3,000th view, which is big news for a small fries rules designer like me.
So I thought I’d take a moment and reflect on the Dinosaur Cowboy roots. The pictures below are from the first game I played of Dinosaur Cowboys, basically with some early sheets and scrap paper for rules ideas. In this case I pitted two totally made up characters against each other. Originally the game was meant to be an RPG, which is why the sheets you see are so much more detailed than the simple and elegant statline on the modern roster. I like it too because you can see a bunch of old weapons, the original damage track idea (a mechanic I love from Silent Death), and so forth. You can also see similarities though, like the weapon statline which is fairly similar to what is used today.
Anyways interesting and fun either way!

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