Gearing up for Fiction

Dedicated readers might remember that back in 2009 I had the spark of inspiration to make something with dinosaurs and cowboys in it. That spark was thanks to National Novel Writing Month (Nanowrimo), which is a great initiative where you try to write 50,000 words in the month of November. That’s 1,667 words a day. The genre and format can be anything, although normally a book is preferred.

So with November almost here I thought what better topic than Dinosaur Cowboys? But instead of one long winded story I’m going to create various fictional short stories that help flesh out the background and history of the game. I’ll be uploading the fresh-off-the-presses (aka full of typos and grammatical errors) short stories as I go once November is here, so check back to the Fiction category often.

Anyways for now I have a few ideas for short stories, but some plot ideas, characters, or locations would be a great help:

  • Neotechnoist life inside The Wall and escaping into the wastes
  • Exploring the sunken ruins of San Francisco on the coast
  • Escorting a dinosaur caravan and defending it against bandits
  • Young Savage trying to hunt a Sabertooth Cat

I could basically keep typing story ideas forever because there is so much to do with the world. I think this initiative will be fun (because Nanowrimo always is, even if it’s a bunch of effort too!) and will help flesh out the background and give players and fans a better idea for their own campaigns or standalone games.

PS: Totally missed my self imposed October 10th deadline for releasing v1.0. Turns out Thanksgiving weekend is more about socializing instead of last minute playtesting. Look for v1.0 before November though, since I want to be able to focus on writing fiction not rules for that month.

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