Caught in the Crossfire

A new rule for your reading pleasure today. The basic idea is if you can draw a line between two allies and there is a target in between they are “caught in a Crossfire” and both allies get +2 bonus Attacks. That bonus is pretty high, but that helps act as a motivator to maneuver and position Posse members on the battlefield. This one will require some testing before it makes it into v1.0, but it should be a fun improvement if it works out okay. My main motivator was Flanking in Dungeons and Dragons and all the player focus around achieving a flank. I think rewarding tactical play (already done with Surprise Hit where a bonus is given for attacks from behind) is a good method for ensuring the match doesn’t turn into a slug fest of entrenched characters.

When trying to catch a target in a Crossfire first measure a straight line between the attacker, the target, and an allied character. If both attackers have ranged weapons (that are in range) and none of the entities involved are in Melee then the target is in a Crossfire.
While the target remains in a Crossfire both attackers gain +2 Attacks.

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