TV show Terra Nova

I’m a bit behind the times when it comes to TV shows, so some of you may already be keeping up with Terra Nova. The show is about a dystopia future filled with pollution and overpopulation. But mankind has discovered a time rift to an alternative past timeline wherein they can “start anew” and rebuild. Why am I mentioning this in relation to Dinosaur Cowboys? Because what better place to rebuild than the prehistoric age of dinosaurs.
First of all let’s get this out there: the TV show is cheesy. It’s light sci-fi with plenty of family drama and cliches. But at the same time I knew I’d have a soft spot for the show when the youths went “OTG” which stands for Outside the Gates. Almost like they live in a walled in facility…why that’s practically Neotechnoist of them! The rough and tumble society surviving outside the gates (called “Sixers”) are reminiscent of a less cowboy-ified gang of Dusters.
So yeah, the more parallels I draw between the show and Dinosaur Cowboys the more I enjoy it. Sure they use crude projectile guns (no lasers :( ) and drive vehicles around instead of riding dinosaurs, but maybe given enough time they will change the tone a bit. Check it out if you get a chance.

v1.0 Release Still on Schedule
Anyways I’m still on track for an end of October v1.0 release. I’m hoping to get one final battle report up of my playtests, perhaps this weekend (basically my last change regardless). After that I’ll be in the thick of Nanowrimo, but with luck fans will pick up my creative slack and have some great pictures and session reports for us.

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