Progress on “The Saloon” Posse Building App

Remember how I started on that fillable PDF posse roster a while back? I did some initial coding a while back, but now (between bouts of Nanowrimo) I sat down and worked on it some more. Right now it’s in a rudimentary unstyled state with a couple of missing pieces of functionality, but in general it works pretty well at creating a posse, modifying their stats, applying traits, and buying items. I’ll need to update the PDF to use v1.0 (especially the new dinosaur statline) and finish with the exporting of that, but yeah, getting close. Eventually I’ll host the application and link to it from here. It’s written with Java and JSF. No timeline on when that will be since I’m kind of just working on this when I have an hour or two.
Anyways some screenshots to give you an idea of how it functions. Like I said this will be styled with CSS eventually, for now I cared more about getting the underlying logic going.

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