Public Beta of “The Saloon”

Well that came together a lot faster than I expected! I still have some bug fixing to do and I need to finish the PDF export function (right now it’s an old roster and just handles the Leader). But I did get The Saloon posse building app hosted so that you, eager reader, can view it and start easily building your very own posses. So go wild:

The Saloon beta

I’m interested in hearing of any bugs or issues you run into. I have a bit of a TODO list on the go but public exposure always helps identify unexpected issues (especially browser related). As I mentioned this is built with JSF 2.0, so you’ll need a semi-recent browser that can handle Javascript to be able to work with the app.
I’m going to get the PDF export going (hopefully by the end of next week, but who knows!) and then I’ll put the word out on various forums and hopefully drum up some interest and testing.

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