Posse: Tombstone (1993 movie)

The 1993 movie Tombstone was a fun show full of big name actors, some good jokes, plenty of wild west shootouts, and everything that made 90s cinema great. The movie itself is based around the events that happened in Tombstone, Arizona and involved Wyatt Earp and Curly Bill.
Today I figured I’d make the main good guys and bad guys from the movie into Dinosaur Cowboy posses. There were two challenges: First no one in the movie depiction of the OK Corral fight used much of anything but six-shooters, so it’ll be hard to have some variety to weapons. And second they forgot to have dinosaur mounts, so none of those either.

The Good GuysView in The Saloon or Download as PDF
3/100 IP, 20/1000 ND, 3 traits, 4 humans: Wyatt Earp, Virgil Earp, Morgan Earp, Doc Holliday
I made everyone but Doc Holliday a Duster, as they are pretty true to the imagery. I figured Doc’s weakened health would be reflected well by the reduction of HP that the Neotechnoist allegiance imposes, and the bonus RMC didn’t hurt either. I wanted Wyatt and Virgil to be tough, so they both have Cloth Armor and +1 AR and 12 HP, so they’re definitely rock solid. In terms of Traits Wyatt got Grit since I couldn’t exactly see him fleeing, Morgan got Back Shot since he kind of surprise shot the one guy he killed at the OK Corral in the head (again, in the movie), and Doc Holliday got Rapid Fire because he went wild with the dual revolvers and generally rocked socks. Weapons were a bit simpler as I had a bunch of money left and didn’t have any expensive heavy weapons to buy. Wyatt got a Heavy Pistol since his revolver seemed a bit more special than a standard rated one. Virgil and Doc Holliday both got 400kW Six-Shooters, and Morgan got a slightly weaker 300kW version. As per the movie Doc Holliday had the double barrel shotgun (well, he fires three times without reloading in the movie, but who knows?).

The Bad GuysView in The Saloon or Download as PDF
5/100 IP, 35/1000 ND, 3 traits, 4 humans: Curly Bill Brocius, Johnny Ringo, Ike Clanton, Billy Clanton
For the Bad Guys I tried to pick the best known villains from the movie. Aside from Ringo (who was a Bandit) everyone was a Duster again. Curly Bill got the Trait “Get Up!” since I could see him cursing and ordering a wounded red sash cowboy to get up and fight. Ringo got Go For the Eyes since he seemed like the kind of deadly gunfighter who would get a bunch of critical hits. And finally Billy Clanton got Crippling Shot since he shoots Virgil in the leg in the OK Corral fight, so that’s enough of an excuse for me. Equipment was even more of a challenge as they pretty much use pistols the entire movie. I got Curly Bill a 400kW Six-Shooter and a Knife…pretty basic cowboy in fact. Ringo got a Handcannon, mainly for variety but also because a veteran gunfighter might use something with a little more kick. Ike got a Shank and a Light Pistol since he seemed less inclined to ever stand up and fight. And finally Billy got a 300kW Six-Shooter and Derringer, since he would have a trick or two up his sleeve. Ringo and Billy both got a suit of armor, and Ike got a Whiskey Drop since he seemed kind of into the booze. In terms of stats I made pretty basic choices, pushing Ringo and Curly Bill’s RMC to 6, making Ike a coward with 5 BRV, a few increased HP across the board, and so on.

So yeah, there’s a quick mockup of how I think the Tombstone characters would look in Dinosaur Cowboys. Kind of fun to easily put together posses like this, but the lack of variety in guns does help me appreciate being able to build an original posse from the ground up replete with all the wild guns I could want.

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