Rules Release v1.1

v1.1 is here with two very small changes (although one of them affects posse building quite a bit) plus various edits. The first is moving the Game Overview above the History section so new players can see what exactly they are getting into before they are overwhelmed with a few pages of background information. The second and most important is recruiting the first Member is now free, and the second and beyond still cost $200 (or $250 later) as before. So basically this gives you $200 more to equip your posse with! Players who intend to use their posse in a long, ongoing campaign can always modify this, of course. But for one off games I find $1,000 with the old rules to be a bit low, whereas now there is plenty of money for equipment and weapons beyond a basic loadout of six-shooters.

As for the edits here’s the list:
– Noted that PMV doesn’t affect Run or Charge.
– Noted that Dinosaurs can move too after being dismounted.
– Fixed copy-paste duplication on Fan the Hammer ability.
– Changed how Fleeing while Mounted works, now Flee with the mount instead of dismounting.
– Noted the minimum Run of 1 inch.
– Added three variant rules: Last Man Standing (no Bravery or Discipline for last entity of a posse that is alive), Initiative Choice (choose to activate first or last when winning initiative), and Fast Target (additional +1 to hit if target moved 10 inches or more)

So yeah, small changes but they affect the game enough (and are reflected in The Saloon) so I thought I’d release the PDF:
Get the Dinosaur Cowboys Rulebook v1.1.

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