Tyrannosaurus and Tiger Tanks

Today I wanted to point out a neat battle report that doesn’t exactly involved cowboys, but certainly maintains the genre mixing involvement of dinosaurs and WW2 Germans. The pictures above come from a game of Adventures in the Lost Lands from the popular Two Hour Wargames (I heard about them originally for their terrific All Things Zombie game). Anyways the actual battle report is here and is a pretty interesting read, and they have a great looking volcanic table that I’d love to play a game of Dinosaur Cowboys on to simulate the area around the Yellowstone eruption.

Some Other Links
I have a few other miscellaneous links that don’t really warrant their own post, but are still interesting.

First of all a really cool, scary, and trippy looking dinosaur: the Helicoprion. Modern day people may dislike or fear aquatic beasts like sharks, but could you imagine if something like a Helicoprion was floating around in the ocean? Especially when they are estimated to have grown to 10-15ft long!

And then a couple of unrelated games. First of all the blog of Andy Hoare who is ex-Games Workshop and is currently working on a little side project of a skirmish game. Although he doesn’t have many posts I find them interesting to see the general thought process of another person working on a skirmish game, plus the odd tidbit he drops about Games Workshop.

The final link is a pure western skirmish game that I thought I’d share called Get Three Coffins Ready. The name comes from one of the classic batch of Clint Eastwood westerns called A Fistful of Dollars, which is one of my favorite western movies. Anyways it looks like a fun system and I always like reading other amateur rulesets.

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  1. Andy Hoare Says:

    Thanks for the shout mate!

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