Media of real world cowboys

Long time no chat, I guess that happens as summer starts and I can comfortably get outside more.

The batch of Lithko tokens I ordered arrived a couple of weeks ago. They look great! I might try to get some scans/pictures of those up soon, and I also want to try them out in a game. They are nice and clear and will help make my photos and battle reports look a bit more professional than my current makeshift wooden tokens.

Anyways onto the meat of this post, which is two pieces of media around real world cowboys (and cowgirls). The first is a video from 1894 (amazing!) of trick-shooter Annie Oakley shooting two lever-action rifles at some static targets and some thrown targets. Really neat since it’s like a time capsule to see such old footage:

And the second set of media are terrific old images of cowboys. I wish I had found this archive when I was putting images into the rulebook, especially since it’s categorized so well. Really neat to think the pictures come from the late 1800s and early 1900s. Too bad I’m not a pro at image editing since modifying the horses to be dinosaurs would be perfect!
And some samples:

So besides wanting to get another game or two in with my new counters, and still vaguely having a goal of painting some actual cowboy figures, there isn’t much to do around the game (hooray for having a completed rule set!). I might adjust the IP/ND reward to be split for taking a character (human) out of action compared to a dinosaur. Probably using the existing 3 IP / $30 for a character but 5 IP / $50 for a dinosaur. It’d be easy enough to track and maintain since kills during the game are just put to one side of the table, so adding up afterwards would be simple.

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