Stylish dinosaur list with silhouettes

For those who like to visualize their dinosaurs, I finally found a good coherent set of dinosaur silhouettes. A fellow named Daniel Zadorozny made a wingding set of dinosaur images, and these were also turned into plain images on some sites. The set was missing the Fin (Dimetrodon) and Thickskull (Pachycephalosaurus) dinosaurs so I had to whip up my own silhouettes from those. The Thickskull is actually based on the stock image of the Papo toy.
So yeah I could revise the dinosaur list to include these images and I think it looks really cool. This new list will be in the v1.4 rules (…whenever those are released) so you have that to look forward to!

The font I used is (punnily enough) called Ding-o-saurs. You can download it from or I made a Mediafire mirror. WordPress doesn’t allow uploading of TTF or ZIP files so I couldn’t just link from here. Anyway it’s a cool set, totally impractical yet totally neato.
I also got the Pony Express image added to the rulebook. The style doesn’t quite match the “old real world photo” look I had gone for before, but heck, it’s just too cool to leave out! Plus it ends up fitting pretty well into the “A Movement is Born” section talking about Dusters in the beginning history text.

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