Reaper Mini’s new Cowboys & Gunslingers

An interesting new initiative by Reaper Miniatures, a favorite company of mine due to their great and varied Chronoscope line of figures. This initiative is to graft their RAGE rules system (used in Warlord) onto a Wild West scenario, offer those rules for free, and then sell a bundle of their best cowboy models. Basically 10 models for $39.99 (at least where I am). They have this package listed as a new game, so I wonder if they’ll expand the rules in the future.
Regardless this is a good collection with lots of variety. There are a couple of torn-from-the-movies figures (like The Man With No Name, one I already own in fact), some generic cowboys, a classier lady, lawmen, bandits, etc. I’m thinking this is just a short term project to generate some easy money, but you never know, it could be the start of another well supported western game.

Speaking of western games it looks like Blackwater Gulch is still chugging along (I had mentioned them before). They are planning to do another Kickstarter soon, which happens to have a really cool reach reward of a D6 with dual pistols on it. Pretty cool! I’m happy to see them doing well since the author is a similar indie designer. Projects like that make me wonder if I should be taking Dinosaur Cowboys more seriously and less as a hobby, but that’s for another day…

2 Responses to “Reaper Mini’s new Cowboys & Gunslingers”

  1. Teskal Says:

    I think the reaper ones will be mine, but their kickstart will prevent buying them for a while. The old west miniatures from wargames foundry are very good, too.

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